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Terms and Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

  1.  All National Training GB’s prices are subject to change until the customer has made the payment.
  2.  100% attendance is a must; any late arrivals are not acceptable.
  3.  Please Note: Any sort of unacceptable behaviour at all NTGB venues will lead to

    exclusion from the course for which we will not offer any refund.

  4.  All bookings are subject to availability of spaces and relevant resources.
  5.  Customers who make the booking via phone, email or through our website are

    liable for any balance outstanding (if any), in full.

  6.  Candidates must be eligible to attend the course you book with us. Please check

    that you meet all criteria before reserving a space on any of NTGB courses.

  7.  Reservations made online are non-refundable; course dates and timing cannot

    be changed by customers.

  8.  Reservations made online are can be transferred to any individual who is eligible

    to attend.

  9.  National Training GB reserves the right to change the venue of Academy with

    another suitable venue. We will notify all candidates via email, text or telephone at least 24 hours before the start of the course. Please note we may only ever change the venue location if there is an utmost need for it and there is no other option available to us to accommodate customers at the original location.

  10.  In the unlikely event of cancellation of any courses by NTGB. Damages shall be limited to a full refund of the course fee only.
  11.  All certificates are delivered via royal mail, standard service. Collections can be made by customers with prior notification only.
  12.  Customers will be responsible to pay any awarding body charges for replacement certificates. NTGB accepts no liability for misplaced certificates. The replacement certificate fee is £50. NTGB will only pay for a replacement certificate if the certificate has been posted to the incorrect address by NTGB due to an error from one of our staff members, for which proof is required. We will not be entitled to pay for a replacement certificate under any other circumstance. To ensure that certificates are delivered to the correct address and are not lost during transit we advise learners to arrange a Royal Mail recorded delivery service with us prior to the completion of the course, this service must be paid by the learner.
  13.  For the portfolio based qualifications you must submit within deadline fail to do so it will cost you £25.00 per week or we can refuse to provide further services alternatively you may need to re-enrol for the whole course.
  14.  For all Identity Validation forms used by our awarding bodies, the candidate is to only sign such validation form if the spelling of their name on such a form is absolutely correct. Please note that failure to do so will result in the candidate being liable for any administration costs charged by the awarding body for correction.
  15.  Resits will be charged at £50 per unit for the SIA qualifications.
  16.  All customers are responsible and must provide NTGB with correct and accurate

    information (using clear handwriting) in respect to the physical address, requested by the admin, where all certificates will be dispatched.

National Training GB Complaints Policy & Procedure


1.1 The National Training GB is committed to providing a high quality service for all its learners, clients and the community. Its policy is to welcome and to try to satisfy complaints from all who use the NATIONAL TRAINING GB and to use the information to improve the services it offers.

1.2 The NATIONAL TRAINING GB will deal with legitimate complaints in a fair, prompt and objective manner. Complaints will be dealt with without recrimination and learners will not be disadvantaged by raising a complaint. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. However, all information is kept in strict confidence, shared only on a need-to-know basis. NATIONAL TRAINING GB staff is expected to respond positively to complaints and to alert learners or clients to the Complaints Procedure.

1.3 The NATIONAL TRAINING GB will be fair in its treatment of all those who complain irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity and disability.

1.4 Complaints will be dealt with promptly and constructively. All complaints will be dealt with in confidence but shared with any person who may be the subject of a complaint. The outcomes of any complaint will be shared with the complainant and any NATIONAL TRAINING GB staff involved. Complaints made which, on investigation, turn out to be malicious, may result in disciplinary action.

1.5 If the complaint is against the Principal or a NATIONAL TRAINING GB’s Director then the Complaints Officer will be the Chair of the Audit Committee of the Corporation

2 Scope of Complaints Procedure

2.1 The Procedure deals with complaints arising from:Delivery (or lack of delivery) of academic services or training including teaching, course content, tutoring and learner support Incorrect or misleading information about services provided by the NATIONAL TRAINING GB. Delivery (or lack of delivery) of support services provided by the NATIONAL TRAINING GB including administration of fees and grants, enrolment and examination registration Unacceptable behaviour by NATIONAL TRAINING GB staff operate procedures exist for:

  •  Public interest disclosure (Whistle blowing)
  •  Learner discipline
  •  Academic assessment appeals

2. How to complain

1. The NATIONAL TRAINING GB Charter will give guidance as to how comments and complaints may be made and how to contact the Complaints Officer for advice. All learners will receive a copy of the Charter at Induction and further copies will be posted around the academy.

  1. The Staff Handbook will contain a copy of this Complaints Policy and Procedure. New staff will be informed of this Complaints Procedure during their induction programme.
  2. The Learner Services and Information Manager will ensure that the Complaints Procedure and Complaint forms are available from Reception, the Learner Services and Information Desk, the LRC and IT Centres. It is available in other forms on request from Learner Services and Information.
  3. The Complaints Procedure and Complaint form will be easily accessible through SharePoint, the external web site and Model.

NB: Very serious complaints, for example those that involve the Police, will be responded to through the Formal Complaints Procedure.

2. Support for those involved in a complaint

Support is available for all those involved in a complaint:

  •   Representation: parent, guardian, friend, supporter, Learner Services and Information
  •   Help with completing the Complaint Form: Learner Services and Information
  •   Guidance in understanding the procedure: Learner Services and Information
  •   Support during the procedure: NATIONAL TRAINING GB counsellor, Learner Services and Information

    If any further help is needed, Learner Services and Information should be contacted.


Late Submission Policy of the National Training GB

1. What is the National Training GB’s policy on the late submission of coursework?

The Centre operates a uniform Course Deadline policy on late submission of coursework for Teacher training & Portfolio based courses: Each piece of coursework must be submitted by the deadline published in the website or set by the course tutor and learners in the class or by the centre / department in order to gain a mark. Work which is submitted after the deadline will be given a mark of zero. This policy has successfully operated in some courses within our Academy for several


years. The policy is, in fact, designed to help you develop your study skills and, very importantly, to prevent you from suffering a work overload last minute or not achieving the qualification at all. It is at the discretion of the centre to comment on work submitted later than the deadline, for formative feedback only (that is, no formal marks will be awarded). However, there may be occasions when you are unable to undertake, complete or hand in a piece of coursework due to

circumstances beyond your control (extenuating circumstances). The Centre has put in place policies for dealing with such extenuating circumstances.
2. What does the National Training GB define as “extenuating circumstances for late submission of coursework”?
Extenuating circumstances in relation to the late submission of coursework are formally defined as the inability to submit work by the deadline due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, of a medical, practical or personal nature which affects the student for the period immediately preceding the time of the deadline. Genuine emergencies and circumstances which could not reasonably have been expected will be accepted as extenuating. If you have experienced extenuating circumstances immediately around the time of the deadline, which prevent you from

submitting your work by the deadline, you should submit your late work within 7 days (including weekends and/or bank holidays) of the deadline date with documentary evidence such as: Medical admission reports, Letter from GP etc. Your Late Submission of Coursework will then be considered by the centre.

3. What circumstances are NOT taken into account?

You should note that extenuating circumstances claims for marks instatement will only be considered in cases where you were unable to hand coursework in or attend coursework tests/presentations due to a circumstance or event that could not reasonably have been anticipated. The following are examples of circumstances which are NOT considered to be relevant for the instatement of marks due to failure to meet a deadline:

• Minor ailments and illnesses on the day of coursework submission (such as colds, coughs, sprains, headache).
• Personal disruptions or events which could have been anticipated; such as holidays, weddings, changing address or employment, religious holidays or festivals which are usually known in West.

• Study-related circumstances; such as computer failure, printing problems, unavailability of books, photocopying problems, as these problems should be factored into the organisation of your work load.
4. What documentary evidence do I need to provide?

a) Circumstances of a non-medical nature You should, if possible, submit appropriate third party evidence to support your claim. We realise that in some cases it may be difficult to do this, and

Committees may accept claims which are not accompanied by documentary evidence. However, lack of third party evidence may weaken your claim. It is up to you to get this evidence, as the Centre will not seek it on your behalf. The Centre reserves the right to check on the validity of the document(s) you submit by contacting the third party directly. b) Circumstances of a medical nature In the case of circumstances of a medical nature, please note that medical certification is

not always necessary for this form of extenuating circumstances claim, and the Health Centre, and indeed most doctors, will not issue medical certificates either for short-term or minor illnesses or during the year for single items of coursework. The Centre is concerned with evidence of the inability to complete and/or submit your work, rather than the nature and degree of the medical condition.

5 False Claims

You should note that submitting a false claim or false documentation is a serious matter and would be regarded as an attempt to gain unfair advantage. This would be an academic offence and would be dealt with under the Academic Offences Procedures. The Centre reserves the right to check on the validity of the document(s) you submit by contacting the third party directly.

6 Data Protection Act 1998

By submitting an extenuating circumstances form you are agreeing to the Centre holding this personal data for the purposes of processing your claim. The Centre will hold this data in accordance with its notification under the 1998 Data Protection Act.
7 Disability Discrimination Act 2005

If you are providing information about your disability on your Late Submission of Coursework Form or your Extenuating Circumstances Form, please note that this does not count as disclosure to the Centre as these forms are intended for use only by the Centre. We strongly urge you to disclose any persistent medical condition, specific learning difficulty or disability to the Centre during enrolment time.

8. Additional fee:

If the centre is satisfied with your reasons for late submission, we will accept your work after the deadline date but a late submission fee of £25.00 per week will apply.
The National Training GB

Candidate Assessment Appeal Procedure


This policy and procedures has been prepared following consultation with the Tutors, Assessors, Verifiers and bearing in mind the standard rules/procedures that cut across the various awarding bodies.

Assessment within QCF qualification is ongoing with the student/candidate fully participating in the assessment process, e.g. through assessment planning and reviews of


If this participation is taken seriously then it must be accepted that there will be times when the candidates and assessors perceptions, of whether agreed evidence (agreed during assessment planning/review stages) meets the standards, are going to be different.

If this occurs, the candidate should have the right to appeal via an accessible and open system. The characteristics of our appeals structure related to QCFs will include:


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Sufficient time to put forward their case

nt records

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Response times to appeals will be measured in days rather than in months or years and not be so bureaucratic as effectively to nullify the purpose of having such a system.


1. Where an assessor has agreed competence, there can be no appeal at a later date.

2. Where an assessor judges the candidate to be ‘not competent’ in a unit, the candidate has a right to appeal against this judgment. Candidate will be advised of their rights at Induction.


decision given, he/she must explain the reasons for this to the assessor concerned within 14 working days.

provide both oral and written feedback, giving a clear explanation of the decision back to the candidate within 14 working days.

need not proceed further.

decision reached, the appeal must proceed to Stage 2.





verifier and/or Centre Manager within 14 working days if stage 1 failed.

assessment record, candidate’s evidence and the candidate appeal form (section 1 complete) to the internal verifier and/or center manager within 7 working days if stage 1 failed.

review the assessment decision, attempt to find a solution, for example through another assessment or re- construction of the evidence/work and provide written feedback of decision. This will normally involve an evaluation of:

o The candidate evidence and associated records o The assessors rationale for the decision
o The opinion of the candidate

of the Candidate Appeal Form and provide the candidate with written reply within 14 working days of receiving the appeal.



and candidate disagrees with the decision, the internal verifier must inform the external verifier that there is an unresolved appeal. The appeal must proceed to Stage 3 at this stage.


Panel. An Appeals Panel will meet within 20 days. They will review the evidence and give you an oral and written decision. The decision of this Panel will be final. The Membership of the Appeals Panel will be:

in the assessment decision.

Internal Verifier not previously involved in the stage 2

not be the candidate’s employer)

The candidate and a friend will be invited to attend. N.B. Some occupational areas (e.g. Integrated Care) have specific requirements which differ from these arrangements. Where there are no industry specific

page10image25012800page10image25013424 page10image25013216page10image25013632

requirements this will be the procedure for Advance Training Academy.


Candidate Name:………………………………………………………………………

Candidate’s Enrolment No………………………………………………

1. My Assessment Centre Name and Address is:……………………….. 2. My Assessment Centre Number Is…………………………………………….. 3. My Assessor Is………………………………………. Tel…………………….
4. My Internal Verifier Is………………………………. Tel…………………….
5. My Quality Assurance Co – coordinator (QAC)/

Centre Contact Is…………………………………….. Tel…………………….

6. The Assessment Centre’s External Verifier is…………………………… 7. My Awarding Body Is………………………………………………………….

8. Their Regional Office Where They Can Be Contacted Is…………… Tel……………………………………………………………………………….

If I am unhappy about my assessment processes these are the people to whom I can complain in the order 1-5 above.

Please sign this form with your Assessor as evidence that the appeals process has been explained to you, and to indicate that you have received and understood how to use the Complaints/Appeals Procedure.

Candidate’s Signature…………………………………………………………..


Date…………………………………………………………………………………… …..

Cancellation, Refund and Reschedule Policy:

If you need to cancel or amend a confirmed booking, cancellation/amendment charges may incur. Rescheduling your course

 If you are unable to attend on the scheduled course date reserved, you must notify us within 24 hours of booking. Once you do, we will reschedule the course date with you for a course date within the next 6 months, at the same location, subject to availability. There will be a fee of £99.99 for a new date.

 A reschedule request must be sent to us by email 96 hours before the start of the course. We only allow a maximum of 1 reschedules per booking.

 If you do not reschedule your course before it starts or fail to attend the course you have booked, regardless of reason you will be required to pay for a new booking if you wish to take the course in the future. And will not be entitled to any refunds Insufficient ID brought to the course

 It is a requirement by the regulator to have ID on you at all times during your training. If you do not bring the required IDs to your course, you will need to be rescheduled onto another course and you will be charged a £99.99 rescheduling fee.


 If you are going to be late to the course, you must contact us. If you are going to be unreasonably late to the course, you will have to be rescheduled onto another course. You will be charged a £99.99 rescheduling fee for this. Cancelling your course:

 Our courses are non-refundable 24 hours after booking. You can receive a full refund if you inform us within 24 hours of booking of your intention to cancel, and you will be refunded the amount paid for the course. Courses cancelled after 24 hours of booking will not be eligible for any refund.

 If you have paid a deposit and fail to notify of non-attendance, you are not eligible for a reschedule or refund. Then you will not receive a reimbursement of your deposit and the remaining payment will be due.  In the event of non-attendance where payment has been received, you will not be eligible for a refund.  Any discounted / promotional course you booked will not entitled for any refund

.  If you have to cancel your course due to a medical reason, we would require evidence i.e: Doctor’s letter. A handling and administration fee of £99.99 would be charged or deducted from your order amount when you require a refund due to a medical reason. Course cancellation by us:

 If we cancel a course, you are eligible for a full refund for the cancelled course. However, if we offer same the course on the same date on

another venue which is reasonable distance, you will not be able to get any refund for the course but you may be eligible for a concession.

 If we conduct an Initial assessment, and you are unable to pass it, you will be given a refund. However an administrative fee of £99.99 will be deducted from your course fee paid.. Re-sit exam for the Security related course only:

 You must attend the resit session you book. If you fail to attend the session on time, you will lose any resit fees paid.

 If a customer cannot attend a booked resit then they need to inform us at least 96 hours before the re